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In a Meeting


Completion of research and evaluation in Consideration stage;
decision-makers approve the choice to move forward

As the Decision stage nears, serve prospects client testimonials or case studies to help assist the eventual choice.


Email is an important path, along with timely website content to help prospects confirm the ultimate decision, aided by testimonials and relatable case studies.

Confident Business People

SKYGEN USA has allowed us to match benefits and handle anything that the market or a specific client is requesting of us.


One of the main reasons we chose SKYGEN USA was the ability to take our entire business structure from one system and put it onto another system on a short time schedule and still maintain our performance standards.

Informational Interview

Our technology is getting to the point where it literally is going to start selling itself in terms of just getting to the demo phase…
                                                         -Mark Borca


Cultivate and develop client case studies and testimonials to help close the deal.

  • Build a library of content for sales assets



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